About the Book



Please note: The following two intros by Oriana & I were not printed in the book: Anal Sex Love. The publisher decided to make the book solely about anal sex and thought including the intros would confuse the reader. We wanted to post them, so you’d have a better understanding of what our concept was and how the project came about.

In my entire experience of getting dressed up, then naked and fucked for the camera, there has always been a cash reward. The instant gratification for the baring of my flesh was the only way I knew how to relate with anything sexual, as a model. I was in ignorant bliss that images could ever mean anything more than a way for me to get money.
Then I met Dave and we fell in love. He slowed down my impatient and ungrateful pornographic mind, so that I could actually see the erotic. There was a more lasting reward beyond the money. It was deeper. It was art. We looked at every detail, instead of the close-up penetration shot. The clothing was carefully shopped for and models chosen for their wardrobes and interesting looks. Big cocks did matter too, but so did everything else.
In our computer files at home, this series was called the Ori Series. It was going to be a book, a labor of love, containing me on each page. And it was the real me. I wasn’t showing up to the shoots, playing a part that someone had given me, or taking payment for my actions. All the creative control was in my own hands and the paid persons were the male models. And the person who loved me most in the world taking the photos and paying for the hotels and parking. What we were doing was not owned by or owed to anyone. The freedom and power I felt made me want to go the furthest I’d ever gone.

We took such pride in making these pictures. Dave showed it by using all of his different cameras, film and digital. And I showed my enthusiasm the only way I knew how. Every shot had to be anal and oral. That was what Dave and I preferred to watch, so that was what we did. Doing anal is more attractive for me when it comes to taking a picture. I wanted to be proud of this series, the Ori Series. I honestly do take a lot of pride in seeing myself on camera taking the biggest cocks in my ass, and in uncomfortable positions.
Dave also takes pride in me when I do so.
We are both extremely happy that this project could be turned into a published book. It’s not a book that we will bring to family holidays to share, because it’s too revealing. I think that is the funniest thing about this. It’s so personal that we can share it best with strangers.
I find that very erotic.

Oriana – 2010

The initial reaction of someone having sex with your wife or girlfriend is usually anger. Take jealousy out the equation and it is very erotic.

August 2007, Inspired by the model’s wardrobe, I hired a male model to shoot explicit photos with Oriana. I thought I would use the photos in an exhibit. At the time I didn’t have a clear idea what I wanted to shoot, but knew I’d work things out and see what worked best. I shot several set-ups with my RZ67 film camera and I could tell we were going in the right direction.

After seeing the photos, we decided to continue the project. Much time was spent finding the right locations and clothing. There was a look we wanted to maintain using 50’s-70’s era furniture and stylish clothing: pantyhose and stockings, in particular. We wanted the photos to be very graphic and since this wasn’t going to be your typical, ‘porn’ shoot we agreed not to shoot vag sex. No artificial lube was used during the making of this project. It was all Oriana’s saliva.

Oriana & I would carefully pick the male models to shot her with. They had to have a certain look and be well built. We hired some based on their wardrobe too. I would set up the shots and when things got comfortable for the guy, I’d get the good intimate stuff that looks like it’s just the two of them alone. Some of my favorite shots are the intense facial expressions—they are very real.

All the models were tested for STDs within a month of the shoot. I documented this process, along with the other preparation with my 35mm film camera to give it a photojournalism look.

In 2010 we finished the project, knowing we took it as far as we could.

Dave Naz – 2010