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June 30, 2011 at 4:17 am

my favorite part of bread is the heel

saving the crust. best for last

in a crusty calmness. i am a bread person

going to art museums. i should be absorbing 30% more.

durable. like a name brand paper towel

Eric Kroll bows. in polite company

too cool for homeschool

every day i have to eat junk. have to. period

because i am round. able to roll

circles share

sharing too much is always a hazard

side of caution alludes me

Igor came over to shoot me for Driven By Boredom

he really likes my powerballs

fruit flies like to hide in pineapple tops. and garbage disposals. summertime

i go through short spurts of ugliness

short everything. where did last year go? 29 was too fast

spraying chunks on the mirror

Gel and Hair

June 23, 2011 at 12:35 pm

large furniture soothes my thighs. at great art show: Tel Art Phone - curated by Mat Gleason

listening to Boyz II Men, rubbing my thighs

she gives me the best work out tips. tighten and combat

raisin in the sun


touch these and you forfeit all sympathy

don't worry. it will all work out

i don't really know anything. or how. but it always does. some way

proud of that girl! Sasha does everything Perfectly. tremendously

a Barnacle imprint.

jar of my pubes, Jameson, Devri, typewriter.

Sandy, Lauren Rock, me and a nude man.

Dave and Dodd, doing cappuccino at the French Marketplace

touch this stomach now! and you will receive deep-claw wounds with feces and other harmful bacteria

she is theatre

she'll be waiting in the wings. a thousand encores. standing ovation

bored with your needs. chores are for not magnificent

he would be my toilet if i let him

i don't let him do anything. and he's grateful. my dog is spiritual

Jar of Fur

June 22, 2011 at 5:33 am









Extra Arbitrary

June 16, 2011 at 3:06 am

thoughtful gorilla. face of my ancestors

wise old men know. troubles they've seen

an age of selfishness

orange sherbet


SD county fair


never the cool bus

evil petroleum

i love watching horses piss and shit. bigger the better

i'd like an animal to take a shit in my hand. that would be fascinating. like eating out of it. kind of Glorious

luxury box

Bambu Sport

Davey and I after showing our art together. Same wall. Naz section

not all the motel rooms were for show.


cheers to Char-Man of Creek Road. urban legend, suburban presence. Handed down to each generation of babysitters

dark chocolate fudge

No Sleep till

June 13, 2011 at 4:43 am

the printed word might kill you

complete. deluxe. high stakes.

Bitch, this ain't no ghetto.

but we do have crackpipes

you wanna feel me? feel me

NY pizza secret

X'ian on St. Marks Place - fuck! My favorite food in NYC

rooftop party at the Mondrian. BOOK FORUM RULES!!!

she cleans up real nice

Dave, me & Tyson. one of those landmark nights. nothing could tarnish that memory. flawless diamond

civilization's finest gentlemen

five feet felt like a hundred that night

and the self-tanner calmed down to perfect harmony

Sovereign Syre, Igor, Bob Coulter, Davey & James Darling

Igor, George Pitts, Bob Coulter & Dave

George asked me what my favorite Morrissey song was. I can't answer- it's too hard of a question! But my favorite album is You Are The Quarry

saw a show at a Real jazz club. it was a temple. the walls were serenading. humid with history

scrape a mollusk. eat orange guts

if i eat guts, then i will be more brave. just mollusks have that transfer of power

actual fear size

come on lady!

disco mirrors in the bathroom give me hope

staying cynical

i am an asshole. with a big mouth. and little hands

bleeding and warm blooded. favoring an underbite


i want to be sore

and great. obviously i care. no matter if i say the opposite. it's an oxymoron to say i don't care

who likes brunch?

love in public transit

novelty shoppers

baby pickles

on the pulse

it was all a dream, Kitty

just kidding Bu! we came back for you

Village People

June 6, 2011 at 3:09 am

tourism is a state of mind. i want to always be a tourist

everything is cuter out of town

getting to have dinner with Richard Kern, Dave's mentor and great friend

the coolest

people on the NYC streets are perfectly dressed and characterized. stylized. I am a western spectator.

our first night with the book. it was like having 10 kittens

it made sense that i was bleeding all that time. i was shedding dead skin and blood. molting. turning into a scorpion with a brand new stinger

dusted wings. i found out what mothballs smell like

living in a shoebox for 6 days with Davey. completely content. love knows no square footage

that book in my hands changed life forever. in the biggest and best way possible

rapt on high

the next day was also extraordinary

Armpits Of Apple Pan

June 5, 2011 at 1:57 am



bad electric toothbrush gums are burning

Being In New York Makes Me Feel Important

hearing Amy Winehouse everywhere. like it or not

getting off on trains


gallery district of Chelsea was so enchanting




David In The Melting Pot

wear and tear

keep on walking til the world ends

or until the sores on your feet open up for the sixth day in a row

Acting Out Sexually To Get Attention

June 4, 2011 at 4:10 am

preparing for readers

gaffer - vert

hello. hello. check. is this thing on?

it's not censorship if the tape comes off without ripping

time to plate these in gold. i don't use that size anymore. babyshoes