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Archive for November, 2011

What We Deserve

November 25, 2011 at 6:02 am


sacrificial fingertips

Tamar's lucky birthday!!!

my beautiful Lil

Spain album cover shoot! I'm so honored to be the model - this music is so gorgeous

kitty gets jealous when i'm made up.

she pays more attention to the younger woman

these darlings make porn alive. this art is alive

books are alive more than ever!

MOCA members


at the Bob Mould/Ryan Adams show with Jordan and Dave

no photos inside Disney Hall. unless you're a brat

Davey and me with Raymond Pettibon - at his show - Regen Projects

bambu and pretty Jessie Andrews

handsome man of leisure

thanksgiving makes me sad

i know i can spell it. i know this one


please lady

life is too short. just use spellcheck

feline domination. i'm her allied forces

hormones don't lie. they exaggerate


menace caught in my claws this time

untrainable is most lovable

i love my wild, rude, destructive, perfect, beautiful queen

dave says she loves me too. a lot. so she must


Bell Goes

November 5, 2011 at 5:57 am

that light on the water, so shining beautiful welcoming

we didn't go in with expectations, just some time. time together beauty

the prodigal brat

always looking for feces

thank you for loving my love of excrement and sharing such a paradise on earth

i am a crazy cock. a mrs.

my teacher Mr. crazy cock. the one i want to pull down from there. put my bloodstains on his white undershirt

get home to this doggie. he needs kisses. so many to make up for

the other girl in the house

poor Bu. he get's a slap from his sister in the face

self help. help me . kitty. help you. help me help Bu

Beav is Back. All these years wishing hoping... !!!!!!!! Happy Fucking Days are here

Davey catches my rant on abortion nerds

I am pretty. Get that straight.

i'm becoming weird. that's cool

good. or else there's boredom