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Archive for February, 2012

fifteen of those are nights

February 19, 2012 at 7:46 am

last night we saw the Great David Ryan Adams at Disney Hall. oh, better still

be my winding wheel. David Club President. my date infinity

valentine pig (with lipstick)

octo pussssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. best we ever had at INK

carrots in coconut milk ice wonderland root veggie princess

my hair still falls out. call me fall out boy

i now wax my fingers. finally moved up to the big leagues

inside cat butt. and i love her more than ever SUPERLOVE


"rock star city life" she got an attitude

one of the best shows i have EVER seen!! thank you my love DEEEEEEDER

lenny is such a treasure. we love the shit out of him


acting stuff

art from Rick Castro's show

we had a blast seeing Transplants perform at the Roxy! Tim and Travis OMFG:)))

no such thing as sleep

no food or water either. just chocolates

rehearsal clothes. I wanted to look ugly. Mission accomplished. too bad no one cares about that in real acting class. I'm spoiled from porn. I love you porn. and i miss you, baby

David, I want your SUPERLOVE. be inside your SUPERLOVE



Take Off Your Party Dress

February 7, 2012 at 6:35 am

lucky girls shooting with the great Eric Kroll

fruit pectin protection

what's her name today? Lynsey, Ori, Audrey, Chainsaw, Jelly

blend in with the maids. secrets will be kept

even though we hate to blend in. we are blenders without lids. two speeds. high and off

i won something at life. here's the proof in pink chalk

it's tough for an old whore like me to keep up with all these fascinating books. my mind is getting rich. all i need to do is not blow it all

my David. controls me. stops me in mid-gaff

i love to cook for him. show my love and creativity to the person that matters most in the entire world. he is it

singing the BUs


we dined LA all week. proud proud proud of our city

pig tails aren't always curly. and there was only one

my andy, my cynthia. i'm missing the hell out of you already

i am going to be more like Cynthia. Stylish, intelligent, artistic, rad storyteller. I admire you so much and look up to you.

rarely does the body call for sherry. she's not old but old school. and neither classy, but classical. Good o' sherry

underdressed but my pores felt great that day. it's one or the other. fucking thirties

my baby is sick again. upper respiratory and she's mad at me. she get's whatever she wants when she's sick, or my baby will hate me. and i can't handle that

before acting class

before medication

during homework

after Enoteca Drago GROSS

before my car was completely fixed. she was sick too. but she didn't hate me

after 2 weeks and first draft homework. all wrong. all fucking wrongour new painting by Cynthia Patterson. love in this room. and a little face fucking