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Archive for March, 2012

Lounged With Knees Up and Apart

March 25, 2012 at 6:14 am

uses for a strawberry rosebud, day old out of the fridge

wilted and brown around the edges. symbolic

hope comes near you, kick his backside

defending my contraception to the death!

stand up and bleed for women who want to FUCK

made me a new bra. custom

Sam Shepard RAW inspired work

mixed this today, calling it "Millennium Blue" - its so '98

peas get no respect. i've become their advocate - peabody

a dinner i made the other night (and out they pour the hits and the misses)

Turn Me Loose

and Lonely Avenue

Minerva is minutely emerging

she's in pain, i need to hurry up and finish her. she just needs her verses put into books for posterity. i can do that for her. i'd love to

right before i tried to go to sleep, fucking instagram! cute dog alert! i had to do an ambien sketch

i'm an addict

Fly or Sink or Swim

March 19, 2012 at 5:11 am

so hard

true grit


Chris Mathews signs his new book Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero to Dave and Ori

my favorite book as a kid was The Lorax

on the set of another Dr. Seuss classic

chicken feet are tasty

Margie Schnibbe

Margie's paintings and sculpture take me up and squiggle

clean drooling puddles of sugar and dye

the procession of grandeur levitated us too. thank you Levitated Mass

LACMA afternoon lift

greek pie

bulls eye

the audience is listening

so am i

far too closely





Tributary Channel Open

March 6, 2012 at 7:32 am

i am on an amazing album's cover! Spain - thank you guys!! I'm so honored

fighting for the right to fuck and enjoy it. i love my women!

who doesn't hate the G.O.P.ieces of SHIT ?

locking my complexion in this room until i've written pages. books

they say

she's supposedly on a diet

raw love and suffocation

Dodd's patron Santo Di Bedbugae

we can grab a couple sheets and give them quite a scare

Mike Vegas, Mat Gleason and DAVID! my love

Margie and Ori

funky cold pdena (cheesecake factory wait time: 2 h)

we give up

i'm a hot house flower. indoor plant. declawed, clipped wing, chipped ear, three legged, medicated, semi-ladilike recluse. i have some work to do, in my mind. no way out to bullshit

snacks will be served for all artists